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20x10 cable raceway

Modular System

Cable Trunking

100x50 modular system cable raceway

Slotted Type

Cable Trunking

pano tipi kablo kanalı

Floor Type

Cable Trunking

90x20 balık sırtı kablo kanalı


Cable Trunking

renkli kablo kanalı

What Is Cable Channel?

Cable raceway is an isolated structure that eliminates the harmonious image pollution and confusion that enables the communication and energy distribution installations to be carried in a fixed and safe area.

In house and office use, the appearance and structure of the surfaces may be disturbed when they are fixed with various tools on fragile surfaces such as walls, gypsum board, marble and tiles. Preferably, self-adhesive cable channels are used to prevent the appearance and structure of these fragile structures. Cleaning and satisfaction are provided at home and in the office.

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Cable Concealer TypesStandard Cable Trunking


  • Half Round Cable Trunking
  • Laminated Cable Trunking
  • Decorative Cable Trunking
  • Modular Type Cable Trunking
  • Open Slot Cable Trunking